ASK JUNE: The Closeted Mom and the Book Group Bullies • Cleaver Magazine
Dear June, My father died several years ago. Mom and I have always been close, partly because I am the only daughter—I have three brothers. Since Dad died, Mom and I have become even closer, talking on the phone almost every night and sharing confidences. She never talked to me about her love life, but I just assumed this was because she didn’t have any. It turns out that I was very wrong. Since about a year after Dad’s death, she has been dating women on a regular basis, and now she is in what she calls a very serious relationship. I am totally fine with this. I am glad Mom has somebody, and am actually kind of relieved that her lover, Glenda, is a woman and not a man, mostly because women tend to live longer. The one thing that bothered me just a little was worrying whether Mom … chop! chop! read more!