Ask June: Overlooked in Overbrook & Beset in Bethesda • Cleaver Magazine
Dear June, I went to the wedding of a niece recently. As a “thank you” for the gift I gave them, I received a postcard. The card featured a photo from the wedding and a printed message, something like “Thank you for your wedding gift, we appreciate your thoughtfulness.” I found it odd to receive a thank you that was so impersonal. Is this the new trend? I have not attended a wedding in some time, nor have I recently sent a wedding gift for a wedding to which I was invited but unable to go. I may just be uninformed. I was looking forward to receiving the thank you card to confirm that they received my entire gift. I placed cash in the envelope with their card, and I was anxious that it did not get separated from the boxed gift. I live in another state and don’t communicate regularly … chop! chop! read more!