Ask June: Frustrated in Philly • Cleaver Magazine
Dear June, My neighbor Alicia was just born to be a pain the butt. First she whined about my lilac tree, which she was sure was going to crash into her house. Since it was planted eight feet from the house and is only six feet tall, it would have been a mighty quiet crash. Her next big worry was the evergreens, which I planted near the property line, mostly for their natural beauty (but yes, June, I will admit it: Also to keep nosy neighbors from peering into my windows). So she says: “Those things could grow to thirty feel high and ruin my view. ” Since they grow slowly, I said, being something of a wit, “But not while you’re alive, Alicia. ” Well that set her off. She went to the president of our neighborhood association and complained that we weren’t around enough, and that we wouldn’t … chop! chop! read more!