Ask June: Dog sitting and Facebook woes • Cleaver Magazine
Dear June, I am in the middle of a ten-day job as dog-and-house sitter at a posh Manhattan apartment. I sleep at the apartment and play or hang out with Arlo, their standard poodle, every evening. I also walk him at least three times a day and generally take care of him. (I am a recent art school grad and spend most of my mornings at a ceramics studio downtown.) Arlo is a nice dog and, except for having to be tricked into taking a pill twice a day, very little trouble. But the walks and companionship and endless games of tug of war—not to mention subway rides—do take time. I am new at this dog sitting thing, and was too shy to discuss how much I would be paid. Arlo’s owners did ask me if I wanted my payment before or after their trip, and I said that before would be great. They … chop! chop! read more!