A NICE PLACE TO VISIT by Lindsay Miller • Cleaver Magazine
A NICE PLACE TO VISIT by Lindsay Miller My sister told me she was so hungry the night before that she had licked the inside of an empty sugar packet. “I found it in the couch cushion and tore it open and ran my tongue along the inside of it,” she said. “Pathetic.” She said this over the phone from Los Angeles, or from a place close enough to Los Angeles that she could get away with calling it Los Angeles. She had arrived two months before with the intention of getting a job in a tanning salon or coffee shop for a while before catapulting to international superstardom. I told her I was sorry but I did not tell her I felt a little responsible, which is what she wanted me to say, I think. When we went to LA together on spring break my sophomore year in college, … chop! chop! read more!