Glam Up Your Own Footwear For Only A Few Pounds : Creative Mondays Blog Hop... - Claire Justine
I brought these polka dot clips for only a pound each from Poundland, cut the hairband off and had fun clipping them to make lots of my old shoes look glam!! Great thing is one set can make lots of shoes look different. They come with 3 ways to use ~ hairband for hair, pin for clipping to bags and this little clip for clipping to shoes…. Tips… Clip to straps, laces or anywhere overlapping like buckles… Don’t clip just to sides of shoes or they will rub you foot when walking… Don’t clip to front of shoes or the will hurt where you foot bends when walking… Have fun mixing different colour shoes and patterns… They mix dots and strips? dots and flowers would be cool too!! Creative Mondays Linky list has now finished.