Maple-Citrus Vodka With Rosemary... - Claire Justine
Maple-Citrus Vodka with Rosemary Fancy making this Maple-Citrus Vodka With Rosemary up now for the weekend or a party in a few week? Serves : 12 portions… How To Make Maple-Citrus Vodka With Rosemary: Ingredients: 2 thin slices of lemon, washed 2 thin slices of orange, washed 1 x 750ml bottle vodka 250ml maple syrup 2 sprigs of fresh rosemary How To Make: Place the citrus slices in a large, airtight pitcher. Add the remaining ingredients, cover and refrigerate for 3 weeks. Strain before serving in tall, chilled glasses. Can be kept in the refrigerator for 1 month. *Recipe and recipe photography by We Love Maple: Maple Citrus Vodka With Rosemary* *No Payment was received*