Re-fashioned : Maxi Skirt... - Claire Justine
Now I really have the sewing and recycling bug here is my old unused dress and skirt turned into a new maxi skirt. What I used: An old skirt that is too short. A dress that looks wrong on and will not wear again. (too short to be a maxi but too long to be a nice length) A bit of string. Bleach. Buttons, needle and cotton. Ribbons. Sewing machine. What I did: Tie a bit of string onto the skirt. Place a little bleach on and leave a few hours to fade. Wash skirt. Day after: Hand sew buttons on. Machine sew some ribbon around the bottom of a denim skirt. Measure the length needed for a dress to be cut at to make a skirt. Cut dress. Pin the cut dress bottom evenly around the bottom of the denim skirt. Sew together. Add a belt and finished!! What do you think?