Just A Small Time Shoe Living In A Small Time World : Upcycled!! - Claire Justine
Just A Small Time Shoe Living In A Small Time World: Upcycled!! Haha ignore the title I am just listening to Journey,,, don’t stop believing…. I love these shoes …! You know when you buy some thing just because it is cheap? I brought them a few years back from Primark in the sale. At £4.00 I could not really leave them? but then I never wore them! After trying lots of up-cycling on my shoes and I now have the bug! ( nothing is safe)… “Bows And Buttons” were born… Absolutely love wearing these now, love love loves them,,, hehe…. They took a while! lots of patients! but so worth it 🙂 What you need~ Shoes Strong glue Bows Buttons What to do~ Heels first… Put some glue in a line downwards on the heel. Stick you buttons in a line. Then repeat until all heels are covered. Bows Place some glue on back of bows one at a time and place on shoes. Make a pattern of lines round. Repeat until all covered. What do you think?