Morning Boost Raspberries And Blueberries Smoothie... - Claire Justine
My morning boost raspberries and blueberries smoothie which I made to cheer myself up today after a fall in the woods when out running with my friends. I had decided I was going to be more healthier today getting some exercise done now the children are back to school after half term and inset day. I near ran to the biscuit tin but didn’t let the fall distract me !! My tweet after my run~ (which made it into our local paper) You know that your a runner when you trip over in the woods, mess all your knee up and the first thing you do is quickly stop your Garmin, Serves 1 large Ingredients: 1 medium Banana 100g Fresh Raspberries 100g Fresh Blueberries 2 small Apricots 55g Apricot fromage frais 125ml Skimmed Milk Method: Chop banana, wash rasperries, blueberries place in smoothie maker. Take stones out of Apricots and add. Place milk and fromage frais in smothhies maker. Place settings to mix for 30 seconds. Then smooth for 30 seconds. Place through sieve to catch little pips. Serve straight away.