Why I will never have a normal life | Chronic Mom
A simple mix up at the doctors office has affected my whole week. I was at the doctors office a few weeks ago and they forgot to refill my prescription. I realized it as I was leaving, so they told me just to have the pharmacy fax in the refill. The pharmacy did so, and the doctors office denied the refill. I have now spent the last 7 days without any of the medication that allows me to sleep. Ergo, I have spent the last seven days without sleep. Every day I call the doctors office, every day they fail to fill the prescription. I spend my day calling and calling and trying to get heartless employees to help me. Yes, my doctors office is staffed by incompetent morons, but the reality is that this situation is not unusual. It happens to everyone who needs a medication just to survive. Which is why despite the fact that I am somewhat physically functional, I will never live a normal life. I need medication in order to sleep and I will need it for the rest of my life. Which means