Doctors are not Gods | Chronic Mom
One thing is inescapable when you have a chronic illness, you deal a lot with doctors. Unfortunately I have to say that about 90% of my experiences doctors have been not only negative, but horrible encounters with outright narcissistic assholes. Of the other 10% of my interactions the best I can say is they have not been negative. They weren't good, but I also didn't go home in tears over how horribly I was treated. Needless to say I have little to no respect for doctors. I imagine it is hard to be a doctor. The hours are horrible, the costs are excessive, and the stresses are many, but those who can't handle it should look into another profession. I'm sure a lot of doctors start out with good intentions but quickly get jaded by the system. I'm also equally sure that some doctors are doctors for one thing and one thing only, money. Whatever their motivation to be a doctor once was, by the time I saw half the doctors in my area they had lost all ability to use their God