A sense of peace | Chronic Mom
I went to see my Lyme doctor yesterday and made the decision to put off the IV antibiotics for another two months. Though I think she really wanted me to do it, it just didn't feel like it was the right time yet. We still need to finish paying off my daughter's surgery, my dear son is so out of control I can't imagine having an IV around him, and shortly after I got home from the doctor I found out my Grandpa had died. It's been a long week. Despite all the craziness, the horrible pain, and the sorrow over my Grandpa, I'm feeling pretty peaceful right now, I definitely feel good about the decision to put off IV antibiotics a little bit longer. I just feel like everything will be okay, which is unusual for me, I tend to worry and stress about everything and every major decision I make. This week is the last week of summer before my daughter goes off to kindergarten, so I am determined to enjoy every moment. I want to do all the summer things, swimming, popsicles, etc. so my