Chocolabea | Challenge: Hoher Dachstein
Hoher Dachstein, the second highest mountain in the Northern Limestone Alps with an elevation of 2995m above sea level was on Gregor´s bucket list ever since we moved to Austria and through conversations on a long bike rides with our good friend Rainer, which achieved a lot of great results during his active triathlon career and is still very active when he is not developing new features of Deermapper software in his company :) , they came up with this unique idea to make a one day duathlon challenge out of it. Their plan was to cycle from Graz to Ramsau am Dachstein, a holiday resort under Dachstein Massif, have their transition area on Dachstein Glacier parking area and then climb up on Hoher Dachstein. Why would they only decide for a climbing trip, if they can take this to a whole another level and challenge themselves at the same time. :)