THE RISE OF THE bApp. When is a dApp, NOT A dApp? | Chiliz
By Joe Grech, Social Media and Content Manager Since the creation of blockchain technology, the term dApp — a decentralized application that has its backend code running on a decentralized peer-to-peer network — has become a ubiquitous term. But can we really categorize every application that uses blockchain technology as a dApp? Many products use blockchain for reasons other than decentralization, and for this reason should be labelled 'bApps' or blockchain apps. The fundamental difference between them: to be classified as a dApp, it is thought that the application must be completely open-source, with no centralized control and with all data stored on a public blockchain. By comparison, a blockchain app (bApp) does not have to be open-source and there is usually a centralized organisation in control. So, you are probably now asking, why use blockchain if not for pure decentralization? One reason is that blockchain enables products to be extremely transparent as everything is recorded