Security Camera Network | CMCBD
"CMCBD cameras are excellent and we are able to obtain video quickly when we investigate a crime. We have identified and arrested many suspects as a result." -San Francisco Police Department WHY JOIN CMCBD'S SECURITY CAMERA NETWORK Cameras are a proactive deterrent to illegal activity Cameras provide necessary evidence for the prosecution of crimes A network of cameras is more effective than a few isolated cameras CMCBD is the point of contact for video requests from law enforcement INSTALLATION AND MAINTENANCE COSTS CMCBD pays for a portion of installation costs CMCBD pays for ongoing maintenance and video retrieval requests If you have existing high-quality digital cameras, CMCBD will pay for a connecting module to our network ACCOMPLISHMENTS Tracking of area related cases as they move through the justice system Examples of how our camera system works: Tourist iPhone robbery, Holiday shopping security GET STARTED Call 415.957.5985 or