CDA’s ACE Impact Project Launched
The Mi ister of Educatio , Malam Adamu Adamu, has formally lau ched the CDA’s Africa Ce tres of Excelle ce Impact Project o Friday, 20th December, 2019. He co gratulated the u iversity a d specifically the CDA for wi i g the World Ba k’s $5m ACE Impact gra t. The Mi ister of Educatio , who was represe ted by the Director Public Affairs i the Natio al U iversities Commissio (NUC), Alhaji Ibrahim Usma Yakasai, said Bayero U iversity has achieved sig ifica t milesto e i addressi g some of the key challe ges faci g sub-Sahara Africa through the Ce tre for Dryla d Agriculture (CDA). I his remarks, the ACE Natio al Coordi ator, Dr. Joshua Attah, stated that the ACE project was i itiated to promote regio al specializatio amo g u iversities i the participati g West a d Ce tral Africa cou tries a d the aim was to stre [...]