Five Reasons Why You Can’t Focus, and What to Do About It - Career Transitions
Do you often experience mixed feelings of uncertainty, anxiousness, unorganized thoughts, and being overwhelmed right in the middle of doing a task that you need to be done? To be honest, it's your lack of focus that's hindering you from experiencing this as you attempt to work hard like you usually do months or years ago, if not weeks. This is a must to learn! After all, one's lack of focus is a very fatal issue for the sake of your own commitments in life. Oftentimes, lack of focus leads towards demotion at your job. It may even cause issues within your business ventures. Lack of focus could even progress by affecting all the things you do in life. It could even affect marriages and your daily habits negatively if it progresses into procrastination once you find comfort in your lack of focus. It is noted in an article by Entrepreneur that a statistic based on a Harvard Business School study by Shikar Ghosh has found out that 75 percent of startups that are venture-backed tend to fail. Lack of focus was number one among the seven key reasons why this huge percentage failed. The article also stated that the success of failure of a business depends on the decision making of the entrepreneur, or let's say for employees and students for the sake of increasing your focus in-general. Along with decision making is the knowledge of the business or study you're focusing at. This just shows that focus is the key for you to become better in decision making and how to manage everything in your life and at work. You also needed that if you want to become a good person in socializing with other people. However, people create or really have a ton of reasons why they find it hard to focus, more