This portion of the website will provide information about people who were intellectual antecedents to the ideas of Andrew J. Galambos, about contemporaries and associates of Mr. Galambos who made a contribution to his work by their comments, inputs, suggestions, etc., and by people who came after Mr. Galambos, chronologically, whose ideas are a contribution or corroboration of the ideas of Mr. Galambos. HISTORY OF ORIGINS OF THE V-50 AND V-201 LECTURES Andrew Joseph Galambos was born in Hungary on June 27, 1924. His parents brought him to America at age two, where the family settled in New York City. Andrew J. Galambos earned degrees in physics from City College of New York (now the City University of New York) and the University of Minnesota. He taught physics at New York University, Brooklyn College, Stevens Institute of Technology of Hoboken, New Jersey, the University of Minnesota, Carleton College of Northfield, Minnesota and Whittier College of Whittier, California. In 1952