A New Science: Volition
"What is hateful to you, do not do to your neighbor."—Leviticus SYNOPSIS To construct a science in the domain of volitional action, we must deal with the fact that we cannot predict the behavior of individual human beings with accuracy required of predictions in the physical sciences. The postulates of volitional science deal with the relative unpredictability of human conduct from the outset. Scientific theories begin with postulates. The theory of volition has two: (1) All men live to pursue happiness; and (2) All concepts of happiness pursued through moral means are equally valid. Morality is defined as the absence of coercion. The way to build a social structure that is peaceful, progressive, prosperous, just, humane and durable is to demonstrate to intelligent and educable people that coercion is at the root of all our social ills; and that innovators must be nurtured, protected, and properly rewarded because they are the principal source of human progress. Today, the prevailing