"He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither"—Benjamin Franklin "Security is the lowest form of happiness"—Andrew J. Galambos Donald P. Scott owned, and lived with his wife, on a 200-acre ranch property in the Ventura County portion of Malibu, California. On October 2, 1992, while serving a search warrant at the ranch, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputies shot Scott dead. Donald Scott was 61 years old. The Scott property was located in the County of Ventura. However, the road leading to the property is in Los Angeles County. The killing of Mr. Scott was controversial. Because Scott was killed in Ventura County by Los Angeles County deputy sheriffs, the District Attorney of Ventura County investigated the incident and on March 30, 1993 published a 64-page report about it. The following account of the incident is drawn from that report. In September, 1992, L.A. County Deputy Sheriff Gary Spencer, a member of the Sheriff's narcotics unit, received information from an