Problems and Solutions
"If something is permitted by the laws of physics, then the only thing that can prevent it from being technologically possible is not knowing how."—David Deutsch "That is impossible which would violate a law of nature."—Andrew J. Galambos SYNOPSIS In prior chapters we have focused primarily on problems caused by the state. In this chapter we focus on the common belief that only the state can resolve disputes, provide personal security against criminal activity, defend the nation, provide a national money, and perform many functions that cannot or will not be provided by profit-seeking private enterprise. The premise of this book is that all services worth having can be provided adequately by private enterprise; that to the extent that the modern welfare state provides services that help some people, the cost (which is escalated by the bureaucratic inefficiency of any political organization) is far beyond the ability of the people as a whole to pay for. Furthermore, we posit that