National Defense
"War is politics carried on by other means, to compel our adversaries to submit to our will."—Carl von Clausewitz "Organized war . . . is a highly planned and co-operative form of theft."—Jacob Bronowski National defense is a necessary function only in the short run, while there are political states. In a free, non-coercive, prosperous and productive society, even a small one, high technology and productivity would make that society impregnable to attack.—Andrew J. Galambos OVERVIEW: DEFENSE AGAINST EXTERNAL AGGRESSION Andrew J. Galambos, whose thought is the basis for this website, posited that successful large-scale defense would be based on defending life, liberty, and property of a people who are a nation. Chapter 26 of Capitalism: The Liberal Revolution explains a social technology of providing the means of large-scale defense on a proprietary, non-political basis. Chapter 26 has its basis in chapters 23 and 24 on insurance and security, and in part on this chapter 25, text