"A government with the policy to rob Peter to pay Paul can be assured of the support of Paul."—George Bernard Shaw SYNOPSIS The United States of America and the individual states finance their operations by stealing. The theft is called taxation. A taxpayer's acquiescence in having his property taken by taxation can no more be attributed to voluntary and willing consent than a man's submission to induction into an army that occurs under threat of imprisonment or death for refusal to submit to conscription. Taxation causes involuntary servitude. Not only must the taxpayer work to earn the wherewithal to pay the tax, he or she must also work to prepare a report to the state, by means of a tax return, to inform the state how much tax is required. No business corporation or private organization of any kind can legally send people with guns to the home of an individual or to a business establishment to compel payment for its services or obedience to its rules. Only the state claims such a