From Slavery, War, and Poverty to Freedom, Peace, and Prosperity
Freedom exists when every individual has full (i.e. 100%) control over his or her own property--including life, thoughts and ideas--Andrew J. Galambos SYNOPSIS Decline and fall has been the fate of all human societies since the dawn of recorded history. The cause is the fundamental human need for security, which is met with a supply of political coercion. Such coercion causes the failure of a society by destroying the incentive to produce to the point where production of even the most basic necessities of food and shelter falls below the subsistence level. The tribal chiefs and witch doctors of early societies and their more recent political equivalents all have wielded force and fraud to rule. The principal difference between the tribal chief of the past and today's political rulers is the destructive technology at the disposal of the contemporary political ruler. In 1776 there was a true revolution in human understanding, when Americans rejected the concept of monarchy.