Frequently Asked Questions–Imagine a World Without the State
Q Would there be anarchy without the state to enforce law and order? A Anarchy is always a transitory condition because security is absolutely essential to human beings. Andrew Galambos defines security as the lowest form of happiness in that without security no one feels safe in their persons and property. To accept the state as the only alternative to anarchy is to accept the enormous violence caused by states throughout history. More harm, death and destruction have been wrought by states than has ever occurred in all the conditions of anarchy that ever existed. Out of anarchy a new state has always come into existence. Providing security without the state would be the role of proprietary, profit-seeking government. Human society without the state can be far more peaceful and prosperous than it ever could be under state rule. As Alvin Lowi has observed, it is the state itself that causes anarchy, in that anarchy arises when a state fails and disintegrates, as do all