Civilization in Crisis
"The object of all science is to coordinate our experiences and bring them into a logical system."—Albert Einstein "Intellectual property is the first and highest form of human property and the source of material, tangible property which can not come into existence until somebody thinks about it."—Andrew J. Galambos SYNOPSIS History, anthropology, and archaeology show that ever since most of humanity progressed beyond living in small bands of people preoccupied solely with the search for food, every major civilization of the past has collapsed, experiencing its own version of the events described by Edward Gibbon in his three-volume work, The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire (1776-1788). The next developments in human history may be far worse than the decline and fall of a particular society; rather, we may be en route to the self-extermination of our entire species. We have achieved the ability to destroy mankind with weapons derived from knowledge of the physical