Galambos, Snelson & the V-50 Lectures
THE VOLITIONAL SCIENCE LECTURES OF ANDREW J. GALAMBOS By Frederic G. Marks "The best test of truth is the power of to get itself accepted in the competition of the market . . . "--Oliver Wendell Holmes I first heard the V-50 lectures of Andrew J. Galambos ably presented in 1967 by Jay S. Snelson (1936-2011). Almost immediately I thought that here was something highly interesting and profoundly, even radically different than anything I had heard before. Andrew J. Galambos Later I heard the lectures several times from Andrew J. Galambos (1924-1997), both in person and via recording. All the while I examined these ideas and probed them for inconsistencies with my understanding of both current events and the history of human society. Over the years since 1967 I have found ample corroboration of the ideas in these lectures, but not a single falsification that would invalidate the ideas. Galambos intended to write a book setting forth his ideas. Unfortunately, he did not write that book.