To protect and serve–failings of state police
The official motto of the police department of the City of Los Angeles is "To protect and serve." The Mission Statement of the Santa Barbara County Sheriff states that "We, the members of your Sheriff's Office . . . are committed to protecting persons and property." Unfortunately, neither the Los Angeles police nor the Santa Barbara sheriff, nor police in any other city or town in America actually have shown that they can protect people from harm. On May 23, 2014 six innocent young people lost their lives because of the failure of local police to protect the public from a known danger. The tragedy occurred in the town of Isla Vista, California. The majority of the 23,000 residents are students at the nearby Santa Barbara campus of the University of California. All statements of fact in this post are taken from a news report of the event cited in the notes to this post. This incident is significant to a main theme of Capitalism: The Liberal Revolution (CTLR)—that state police are