The Voyage of Laura Dekker–Part 2, her book One Girl One Dream
This is follow up to the original post entitled The Voyage of Laura Dekker, posted here on September 2, 2014. Piracy was a concern of Laura Dekker. She planned her route to avoid known pirate danger areas. The post was written at a time when the information about Laura was the motion picture Maidentrip released in 2013 and available in commercial video in mid-2014. Laura kept a diary, in the form of a blog, as she sailed. She published her diary in Dutch in 2013 and in English in 2014, in paperback, under the title One Girl One Dream. At present the English language version of the book is available only in New Zealand and Australia. Late in 2014, after publication of the blog post about Laura Dekker on CTLR, The author of this post obtained an English language copy of One Girl One Dream from Abbey's Bookshop in Sydney, Australia. In the book Laura describes her plans to avoid pirates during circumnavigation of earth. One possible route was to return via the Red Sea and Suez Canal to