Techniques of Tyranny—Persuade people they need the tyrant for defense
Following the introductory comments in the first two paragraphs immediately below, there are quotations from "When North Korea roars, South Korea yawns," by Jung-yoon Choi and Barbara Demick, Los Angeles Times, April 6, 2013. Sub-title: "Decades of living next door to an erratic, menacing neighbor have made the South nearly deaf to the saber rattling." Introductory comment: Barbara Demick has been doing highly perceptive reporting for The Los Angeles Times from Asia since 2001. She is presently (in 2013) Bureau Chief for the Los Angeles Times in Beijing. Ms. Demick is the author of a book on North Korea, Nothing to Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea (2009). In this book and in articles in the Los Angeles Times Ms. Demick reports that nearly 10% of North Koreans died of starvation in the mid-1990s and that hunger still stalks North Korea nearly 20 years later. Due to malnutrition the average height of 18-year old males in North Korea is five inches less than 18-year-old males in South