Sign of the times—pay your bills by mail
"Pay Your Bills by Mail," is a neatly printed bumper sticker on U. S. Postal Service (USPS) trucks, as of summer 2014. A sticker like that does not appear on USPS trucks at the whim of an individual mail carrier. It must be the product of a decision in management of the USPS. The bumper sticker is a sign of the times. The USPS is losing money, and lots of it, partly because of a decline in public use of first class mail, the most profitable service of the USPS. Post office management must think their bumper sticker exhortation will motivate public-spirited citizens to stop using electronic bill payment and switch back to buying first class stamps to use in paying their bills by mail. As the text message generation would say, "LOL." It won't happen, at least not to any significant degree. Electronic bill payment is so convenient. The time it saves must be worth more to everybody than the cost of a first class stamp. The bankruptcy of the US Postal Service is looming: Will the public