Questions addressed to a Marxist college professor
David W. Harvey is a professor at The City University of New York. He is an avowed Marxist. The Wikipedia biography of Dr. Harvey states that in 1961 he was awarded a Ph. D. degree by Cambridge University. His field of teaching is anthropology and geography. According to the Wikipedia biography of Dr. Harvey ". . . he positioned himself centrally in the newly emerging field of radical and Marxist geography." Following the financial crisis of 2008 Dr. Harvey presented a talk about "The Crises of Capitalism" from a Marxist perspective. A video of this talk is available on YouTube at After viewing the video I sent the following communication to Dr. Harvey via email: Dear Professor Harvey: At the suggestion of an acquaintance I watched you speak in a video on YouTube, about "The Crises of Capitalism." This was my first ever hearing of a talk by a Marxist college professor. I was impressed, but not in the usual