Our Lives—Thoughts on Freedom
It is the time of the summer solstice, a daily reminder of the life-giving energy that comes to us from the sun at this time of year in the temperate latitudes when the sun is with us through most of our day. Our sun, as Giordano Bruno was the first to say, is one of a perhaps infinite number of stars. Our sun's energy supports life on earth because it is so relatively close to us--just a little over eight minutes away at the speed of travel of the energy that comes to us from the sun as light and heat. Andrew Galambos and Jay Snelson taught us one of the precepts of the wisdom of the ages--that in our lives we are all free as long as we hold on to the freedom of our primary property, our property in our thoughts, ideas, and actions. Courageous men like Natan Sharansky have taught us through example and by their writing that even under the most adverse conditions we can and should hold on to our personal freedom in our thoughts, ideas and actions. Natan Sharansky, born in 1948 in