Jay Snelson V-50 lectures available in DVD format
After delivering the V-50 lectures for fourteen years, in 1977-1978 Jay Snelson presented his last V-50 lectures. Thanks to the endeavors of Charles Holloway, those lectures were reproduced in DVD, MP-3 format in the year 2008 and published with the consent of Jay Snelson. The publication consists of a set of six compact discs and an illustrated booklet setting forth the background and summarizing the content of the lectures. Most of the DVD sets were sold in the two years after publication. A few unsold DVD sets are in the possession of The Sustainable Civilization Institute that was established by Jay Snelson, his wife Nancy Rhyme Snelson, and Snelson's long-time colleague David Woodward. The following is the link to the website of the Sustainable Civilization Institute. And the following is the link to the "Store" page of that website where the DVD sets are offered for sale. A few more of the DVD sets are available from