Happy Birthday America–July 4, 2012
America is spacious and beautiful. It is the birthplace of the idea that people do not need a king to rule over them. America has enormous strengths of which often its own native-born residents are either unaware or which they take for granted. Among these strengths is the continual enrichment of the country by immigration from abroad. America is truly a world country, perhaps, along with Canada, being the prototype of a country built up in large part by immigration. The waves of immigration starting with people from the British Isles have swelled to a rising tide that carries people to America from every part of the world. In large American cities such as New York and Los Angeles, it is doubtful whether any country, no matter how small, lacks representation among the city's residents. Specific calamities in foreign countries have launched large-scale immigration to America, such as the Irish fleeing famine and English tyranny in the 1840s, to Jews fleeing pogroms in late nineteenth