Education and compulsory schooling
People exposed to the ideas of this website—that everything in society should be on a voluntary, non-coercive basis--sometimes ask how, without the state and taxation, education would be provided to children of impecunious families. The state can make school compulsory, but it cannot make education compulsory. The word education implies learning by transmission of knowledge to an interested receiver of knowledge. Since many people attending compulsory school are bored or even antagonistic to their school experience, they close their minds to the information being transmitted. A lot of what goes on in schools, public and private, is wasting time at best or indoctrination at worst. So there can be no such thing as compulsory education if the word education has any meaning. In a recent interview with a former majority leader of the California State Senate, Gloria Romero, Ms. Romero made the following statements about the California Teachers Association lobbying to prevent school "reform"