Argentina's political rulers learn nothing from past mistakes
National socialist political actions have been the ruination of Argentina. The Peronist political party is a parasite which has attached itself to the Argentine nation and continually eats away at the economic life of the people. Argentina, like Venezuela, is an extreme case of the political pathology which affects even as vibrant a society as America. The nation of Argentina has been bankrupt since shortly after inception of the rule of the Peronist political party, the Partido Justicialista in 1946. The desperate state of Argentine national finances has been evidenced by successive hyperinflations, repudiation of bonded indebtedness, and confiscation of the savings of its citizens. All were caused by the same thing—the attempt to make good on political promises of benefits to be paid for by extracting property from producers to transfer to consumers. As Andrew Galambos said, even a child knows that you cannot eat bread that has not been baked. Argentina's Peronist rulers have