Announcement: Publication of Taming the Violence of Faith by Jay Stuart Snelson
Jay Snelson spent many years compiling material and marshaling his ideas for a book which has just been published: Taming the Violence of Faith: Win-Win Solutions for Our World in Crisis (2011). Although the copyright date is 2011, actual printing and distribution occurred only in mid-2012. The book may be purchased from and After termination of Jay's association with Andrew Galambos' Free Enterprise Institute in 1978, Jay developed lectures of his own creation in which he examined with an originality all his own the idea of building a social structure free of coercion and war. This book is the fruit of Jay's independent study, lecturing and writing over a period of more than sixty years, since he was an eighth grade junior high school student. The book starts with the following verses written by Jay on July 24, 1950 (at age 14) for a Creative Writing Class at Audubon Junior High School in Los Angeles. A Losing Fight The world today is not so gay,