America's health care catastrophe
We know very well a married couple who traveled in spring 2013 to vacation in Ireland and England. While on the first part of their trip, in Ireland, each of them contracted a bad case of influenza, part of the flu epidemic of 2013, which is considered the worst in recent history. The symptoms started with a sore throat and headache followed by a runny nose and significant fever combined with extreme fatigue that made even getting out of bed a chore. As soon as our friends arrived at their hotel in London, they asked for referral to a doctor. The hotel's concierge referred them to a small medical group where they were able to get an immediate appointment. A lady doctor examined them both, said she was confident in a diagnosis of the then current flu, prescribed ampicillin and handed them the medicine in her office. Before leaving the medical offices they paid for the service, as the physician was in private practice and was not working in Britain's National Health Service. The