America: Still unique and a uniquely desirable place to live
In recent years there has been a plethora of negative articles about America. The tenor of these articles is that America is not what it once was; that America is on a downward trend in global influence and prosperity; that economic disaster lies ahead for America. Among the most negative appraisals of America to appear recently is "State-Wrecked: The Corruption of Capitalism in America," by David Stockman, Op-Ed, The New York Times, March 31, 2013, Mr. Stockman's article was an honest and impassioned, if not overwrought appraisal of things that should concern all Americans who have hopes for their own future as well as the future of their country. Virtually everyone in America is dissatisfied or unhappy about some aspect of the way things are going, either in their own life, or in society in general. In politics everybody is a member of the minority, and therefore displeased, on one or