America still the land of opportunity
America is a true world country, made up of people from every other country. America is unique in its rapid acceptance of immigrants who are readily assimilated into the population with no stigma or ill will attached to their foreign origins, although perhaps Australia is not far behind America in welcoming immigrants. America has been enriched by immigrants who do everything from jobs most Americans spurn to achieving the highest levels of capability and productivity in the arts, sciences, and professions. During a recent summer vacation automobile trip in California, this author met several bright and friendly young people who by their lives illustrate America's continuing position as the land of opportunity. In a small town on a highway between Los Angeles and Lake Tahoe, Susanna was working as a retail sales clerk in a drugstore. Susanna was born in Mexico, and brought by her parents to California at age twelve. Susanna was entering the local community college in the fall and