4 Home Remedies for Tackling Rough Skin on the Face | C-One
For those with rough skin on the face, it can be equally difficult to find toners and creams which restore moisture and maintain health, without also breaking the bank. In fact, most of the high profile skin brands tend to focus on issues like acne, oil, and blocked pores – there are few products out there which have specifically created for rough or dry skin. Yet, there is a solution and it is closer than you might think; maybe even in your kitchen cupboard. If you are willing to get a little bit creative and work outside of the box, you will find that home remedies can make a huge difference to the health of your complexion. If you have rough skin on the face, you can use a whole variety of things to restore moisture; everything from egg yolk to honey, almond oil, and even tomatoes. This guide handy guide to the best home remedies for rough skin on the face will help you tackle your problem complexion in no time. Best Ingredient for Rough Skin on the Face If you constantly have to go