March 2012 |
March 2012 Hells bells & cockle shells ... summer in March ???? One day I will be 'excommunicated from the planet' for daring to suggest doing a Rain Dance .... my threat of doing one is currently on hold as at least the bright thing in the sky took a break on the 30th & 31st so the temperature is back down to my liking BUT still not a drop of rain so how much longer I will hold off from dancing I'm not sure with cracks akin to the Grand Canyon appearing in parts of the fields ... don't say I didn't warn you all when the "raindrops keep falling on 'your' heads" ;) Oh and just so you don't think I'm being unreasonable I am obviously more than happy to settle for some night time rain ;) Clearly the biggest issue with the ground being too dry is that the growth which had started in the fields has ceased and so I find myself back feeding the same amount of hay & ration that I was in December ...... should you happen to be, or know anyone who is, finished feeding and still have hay/haylage