Fodder Crisis |
No doubt you have all heard about (sick of hearing about) the fodder crisis across Ireland ....... well it is not just the farmers who are feeling the pain and worry ...... Photo taken today in one of our fields showing no grass growth & cracks in the soil Today is the 1st of JUNE and we are still feeding hay to the horses :/ Sadly the lack of grass growth has led to us having to stop taking in anymore equines until we have managed to rehome some of those ready for adoption because hay is so hard to source on account of the fodder crisis. If you know anyone with a field or two we could have the use of until things improve grass-wise we would be very grateful. If you know anyone with hay or haylage for sale please get them to give us a call on 0871315904 If you have a direct line to Mother Nature please give her a call and ask her to send us some grass growing weather