Updates and Things to Come | Burnt Kettle
We had a great time at the Arkansas Made-Arkansas Proud festival! Rob is lucky he still has a voice after all the talking he did about how the syrup is made and how he got the idea to start this business. Visitors to our booth are lucky he's the one telling the stories, ha, because I usually give a much more abbreviated version of how it's done (which is why I'm not usually hoarse after an event like that). Update on Shipping I found a glitch in our order process that enabled "Local Pick-up" as a shipping option even for orders placed requiring shipping. That has been fixed. Shipping is ridiculously expensive for a bottle of syrup, and I apologize for that, but we just can't afford to send it without charging for the shipping! Average shipping cost for one bottle is around $8, depending on where in the country you live. When I buy the postage, I'll refund the difference in what was paid by the buyer if the cost is lower by more than 0.50. What's Coming Amber Glow We have a new flavor