中心: Balance - 武神館ロぜル道場
Everyone seems to be acquainted with balance at least on the surface since walking, standing, sitting, and running all require balance. While we can basically keep our balance in our everyday lives, but are we really all that balanced? You could argue that, “we don't fall over so we must be balanced, right?” Well, you could argue that, yet people slip and fall, people run into things, people have back problems and sore knees. To have balance isn't as simple as failing to fall over, it is something a bit deeper than that. For taijutsu, it is crucial to develop a better sense of balance, a maximal sense of balance. Just to remain standing and failing to fall over isn't enough. We need to control both our own balance as well as the opponents balance. However, we must start with our own balance. So, what does it mean to be balanced?