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Philosophy What is Craft beer? The Brewer's Association definition is that a craft brewery must be small, independent, and traditional. We are a small family owned brewery dedicated to quality and consistency delivered from pure all natural ingredients brewed from historically honored traditional brewing methods. Why choose craft beer? It's simple, craft beer tastes better! Craft beer is a pleasant alternative from the mundane and indistinctive "domestic beer" that is mass produced for the mass market. Craft beer is an art. Brimmer Brewing is dedicated to concentrate their effort, passion, and reputation in producing handcrafted premium beers which can be enjoyed and appreciated by everyone. The proof is in our product. If you want a craft beer choose a Brimmer Beer. Craft beer is more personal. Visitors are welcome to our brewery tour, where they can see the equipment that makes their favorite beer. And more importantly they can meet and interact with the brewers that create the