Where Do We Start? - How To Build Out Your Initial Task Lists With Use Cases - Breaking The Wheel
In my last post, I talked about critical mechanics and how to use them to prioritize work. In this post I want to talk about an easy way to turn a critical mechanic into a task list using a very simple concept: the use case. By Reading This Post, You Will Learn: What a use case is How to write a use case How to utilize a use case to identify tasks What Is a Use Case? Put simply, a use case is a description of a user’s experience with a product. They can come in diagram form, but, when it comes to using critical mechanics to prioritize work in the earliest days of a project, I prefer writing a narrative of the experience. More specifically, I write out, in plain English, what a user will experience when he/she plays the build. If the critical mechanic I need to test is Critical Mechanic[...]