Monday Menagerie: Sept 26th Edition - Breaking The Wheel
In “Monday Menagerie” I share the most interesting articles I’ve seen around the interwebnets. This week: the two simple questions you should be asking (but probably aren’t), the four signs that outsourcing can be your best friend, and the one biggest secret to making great hires. Two Simple Questions Your Business Should Be Asking — But Isn’t By Ian Altman “Why would the client pick your company? Why wouldn’t the client pick your company? Think about what happens if you exhaustively consider these questions. What matters most is not the generic topic, but the underlying condition for each circumstance. For example, there are various reasons why someone would pick your company. For each one, lay out the reason, and then consider the questions that your clients might ask with respect to that reason.” 4 Signs That Outsourcing Can Be Your Startup’s Best Friend By Brent Freeman “Read the next line carefully[...]